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    As an expressive form, art is used to relate emotions and feelings. It is used for treating mental conditions, discovering different personality types and managing stress. When used in this form, art becomes a therapy and is referred to as Art Therapy. It combines psychotherapeutic strategies and creative works to make advancements in the mental health and prosperity of people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Art therapy was created with the ideology that people could deal effectively with their problems, develop useful skills, develop self-control, alleviate stress and increase their self-esteem and self-efficacy level, through the creative processes. You can find art therapy internships that will help you build these skills in order to help others. While people have been using arts for years as a means to express, communicate and reform, it was just in the 20th century art therapy was formalized.

    It was noted by doctors that patients who suffered from mental conditions were better able to express themselves through multiple forms of art. This made an impression on the minds of doctors which later led to the exploration of healing techniques. For University graduates or unemployed individuals branching out in this field, an art therapy internship with a medical establishment will provide immense benefits for their growth and development.

    Benefits of Art Therapy Internships

    Individuals may benefit in the following ways:

    1. Gain useful work experience in Art TherapyThe intern will need to fill the employment gap reflected on his or her resume. By enrolling as an intern in a correlated establishment, the student will receive sufficient experience to populate the empty space in the “Work Experience’ area before graduating.

    2. Earn credits in the area - Most degrees if not all, indicate that art therapy internships are a requirement for successfully completing a course in Art Therapy. This means that credits are attached to an internship program. When students complete an internship in Art Therapy, they earn the allotted credits.
    3. Earn a little cash to make ends meet - Depending on the medical facility in which students enroll, the organization may or may not pay them.
    4. Trial and Error Platform - Use internships as a trial and error platform so that mistakes made while enrolled in an Art Therapy Internships are not repeated.
    5. Personal Training and Assistance Students receive personal training and assistance in discovering personality types and even assisting mentally challenged individuals to recover through the creative works (arts).

    Companies to Intern with for Art Therapy

    • Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago - At this center, kids are priority. This means that the art therapy intern will be a part of the family and should be able to assist the child in recuperating. These art therapy internships is scheduled 24 hours/week from Monday to Friday. The exact date of internship is dependent on the student and their schools.
    • Hackensack University Medical Center - This center consist of over 1900 volunteers who use their time in different areas. It is a non-profit organization and is used for teaching and researching. Art Interns will fit right into this facility since they provide internships for students in art, music, dance and art therapy.
    • JBFCS - Provides an externship program called A.R.T.I.S.T.S (Art Therapy Internship Program) and only accepts those students in first and second year for a semester or even a year.