Industrial Design Internships An Overview

There is a great demand for industrial designers as they combine engineering, art and business to make products that are used by people on a daily basis. The job of an industrial designer is to design products such as home appliances, cars and toys. It is no doubt an interesting field. Are you interested in becoming an industrial designer? Do you have the aptitude to design products that combines style and functionality? Then no doubt, you have a bright future in this field. You need to join a school that offers industrial design internships.  For entry level industrial design jobs, a bachelor’s degree is just enough, but if you want to have a successful career in this field, having internship experience under your belt will be extremely helpful.

The job of an industrial designer is quite interesting as they get to work in offices as well as travel to design centers, testing facilities, user’s workplace and home, clients’ exhibit sites. They are well paid depending on their skill, experience, creativity and knowledge.

Schools that Offer Industrial Design Internships

California College of Arts

California College of Arts was established in the year 1907. The college educates students to shape society and culture through critical study of architecture, arts, writing and designing. They encourage students for lifelong creative work by giving them training in all fields and by community engagement, environmental and social responsibility, and cultivating innovation.  California College of Arts believes that industrial design internships are one the great ways for the students to get real world experience, hands on in professional design environment.

Carleton University

Carleton University has been ranked top in providing different design internship program for the students. Carleton’s exclusive Industrial Design Program has been internationally recognized. The training program blends a design studio component with math, social science, physics, psychology and business. The internship program focuses on design of the products, manufacturing concept, and everyday use of the product.

San Jose State University

San Jose State University has been dedicated and committed in training students in designing. The university offers different types of programs in designing that includes industrial design as well. The department of designing in this university has award winning lecturers who are not only dedicated in training students but also give them real world experience. They take them to a different level in designing with their industrial design internships. The award winning industrial design program offers students an education that is fused with the methods, ideas and expertise of the leading edge design industry in Silicon Valley. The program meets out the demands of national and international expectation in industrial designing. The program trains the students not only in theory but also in developing their skills.

The career of industrial designing requires a lot of dedication, technical skills, as well as an eye for art. You will be opportunities to fine-tune these skills through industrial design internships, so don’t pass them up.

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