Architecture deals not only with the interior and exterior designs of buildings but also creating a great atmosphere. Those who are creative and have a keen eye for beautiful buildings will be most successful, and maybe even become famous for their work. There are universities offering architecture programs and companies providing architecture internships to graduates and undergraduate students worldwide.

If you’re passionate about high-risers like those in New York or modern buildings like those in Los Angeles or Chicago, then architecture internship programs have a lot to offer you. Architecture is about making the environment better and the projects assigned to interns are diverse involving history, material, science, art and engineering. There may also be traveling involved, thus making your internship experience a much more adventurous and enjoyable one.

Benefits of Architecture Internships


Unlike courses where all you do is memorize, architecture courses will exercise the creative side of your brain. With knowledge gained in school, you can apply everything you learned to real world projects with architecture internships. You will get a chance to work on actual projects with actual architecture professionals. Regardless of whether it is paid or not, getting to work with actual architecture professionals will help you learn a lot.

In an industry where every detail counts, having internship experience will help you learn the ins and outs of architecture. This will improve your chances of landing a good job once you graduate and give you the upper hand against your competitors.

Companies Offering Architecture Internships

Here are some examples of popular companies that offer architecture internships:

  • Aecom Technology, a US based company, is the world’s largest architecture firm. With the vision of seeking balance between art and technology, Aecom has been working to enhance educational, cultural, research and transportation facilities for their clients all over the world. Aecom provides world-class architecture internships to selected students. A dynamic team at Aecom helps the interns to utilize their academic knowledge by working on real world projects and giving them an opportunity for full-time placements after graduation.
  • Gensler, the second leading global firm in the field of architecture, is headquartered in the United States. It is known to be a pioneer in design, planning and strategic consulting. Gensler seeks top talent in design and offers paid internships throughout the year. The interns get to learn from one of the most talented and diverse design teams.
  • IBI Group excels in urban design and planning, engineering, building and landscaping architecture. The company is based in Canada. Co-op and summer internships are offered by IBI Group to students so that they can learn and grow with the company. The architecture internships last for 4 months starting in May during which interns get valuable practical work experience.
  • Perks & Will is one the most advanced architecture firms of the world. The company is located in United States and for 75 years has stood for remarkable design engineering. It gives best practices and real world projects exposure to students by offering summer internships. Their architecture internships are currently open and can be accessed by visiting the company’s website.
  • HOK, with the mission of providing exceptional design solutions involving art and science, is among the top architecture firms. It is an American company committed to accepting complex design challenges. HOK posts architecture internship programs all year-round, however, applications for paid summer internships are accepted in the spring. Currently, several summer internship opportunities are available which involves work in structure, lighting, interiors and architecture.
  • Foster & Partners have been established for more than forty years. The company is a holder of more than 620 awards in engineering, infrastructure, and architecture and product design. Presently, Foster & Partners are offering industrial design internships in its headquarters in London. This internship will provide unmatched experience to students from sketching models to presenting their work.
  • Stantec, based in Canada, is an innovative provider of solutions related to planning, landscape architecture and surveying.  It aims in spreading the depth and breadth of its services to maintain its position in the top architecture firms of the world.
  • HDR Architecture, based in the United States, also holds an important position with its operations running in more than 60 countries.

Many architecture internship opportunities are available within these companies which can be viewed by following the search criteria mentioned on their web page.