Demand for good and talented chefs are increasing as the hotel industry is thriving like never before. Finding good quality chefs are done not only by star category hotels but also by other restaurants. Before, the career of the chef was not as popular, but with growing demand and popularized television shows on various food networks, the career has become quite demanding, and with that started culinary internships.

Benefits of Culinary Internships

Culinary internships are vital for those who want to pursue their career as a chef or to take up any type of culinary profession. The internship program focuses on training and improving your skills in the kitchen. You also get connected with people in the culinary industry and get to know about how the restaurant business works. The duration of the internship varies from three months to six months. During the culinary internship, you will be given training programs in country club, food service companies, catering businesses, bakeries and restaurants. If you are particular about specializing in any one of the areas, then you should go for specific internship programs that concentrate on that particular field.

Top Colleges and Universities That Offer Culinary Internships

There are many schools across the nation that offers culinary internships. You need to choose one based on your requirement. Before registering with any one of the colleges, you need to check whether the course is accredited.

Institute of Culinary Education (NYC)

The Institute of Culinary Education (NYC) is the most active and largest centre for culinary education. It was founded in the year 1975. The institute offers some of the most highly regarded training programs in culinary. The duration of the training/internship program varies from eight months to 13 months. They offer specialized training program in culinary management, pastry and baking, hospitality management and culinary art. ICE is recognized by top industry organization as a pathway to start a new career or to continue a successful career in culinary.

Texas Culinary Academy

Texas Culinary Academy has been successfully training students in culinary arts for more than a decade. The academy has all the facilities for the students who get trained for culinary arts that include a restaurant, laboratory, kitchen, retail store, classrooms, and a dramatic demonstration area. The students are trained not only in culinary arts but also in other skills that includes cost control and purchasing.

Le Cordon Bleu Dallas Texas

Le Cordon Bleu Dallas Texas was established with the aim of bringing a renowned curriculum to the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area. It was established in the year 1999 and the college offers training program in classic culinary technique with latest and modern innovations. The training program addresses theoretical concepts, creative applications, and practical applications.

Pennsylvania Culinary Institute

The Pennsylvania Culinary Institute is quite popular in the Pittsburgh area. It is well known for providing quality training in culinary arts. The college offers two specialized programs for the students, Associate Degree in Specialized Technology in Le Cordon Bleu Pastry Program and Associate Degree in Specialized Technology in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Program. The duration of the program is fifteen months.

While going to a top school will certainly benefit your culinary career, it is critical to get direct experience and not just in the classroom. By doing culinary internships with established chefs, you’ll gain more experience and have an advantage in a field that is becoming more competitive.