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    ESPN Internships - Description

    ESPN internships
    are great for students who are sports enthusiasts. If you have a knack for sports, editing sports video content, and have an interest in media broadcasting, then ESPN is where you should be! This is a great chance to work for the leading sports broadcasting network in the US.

    ESPN, or the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, is a worldwide leader in sports. The company is known for broadcasting news and live coverage of sporting events. They are owned and operated by a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company (80%) and Hearst Corporation (20%). ESPN was launched 1979 and has been broadcasting nearly 60,000 live programs in sports multimedia and other business units. Their workforce is between 5,000 to 7,000 employees that are working in different divisions and locations all over the world.

    Opportunities with ESPN Internships

    The company offers ESPN internships throughout the year in fall, spring and summer. They also have ones that require a 12-months commitment and 40 hours workweek. Here is a list of ESPN internships:

    • Audio-Digital Media Intern – Students doing this ESPN internship will perform research that helps with development for digital content and distribution. It also includes assisting in preparing editorial reports for ESPN Radio.com programs. The job also collects specific data to come up with useful material and information. Interns are responsible in aiding in making original video content that will be processed for different shows in the company. They will also create editorial materials for ESPN radio.com, radio app and other digital partners of the company.
    • Production Operations Intern - This position will be involved in technical operations of all aspects of television in any domestic and international production. This includes video editing, operating the master control, videotape media recording or playing, video seeding and other obligations. Interns will receive hands on experience in studios or editing systems. They will be handling TV equipment and technology within the place of broadcasting. Interns also will assist in recording server based VTR, playback equipment, master control switchers and other gadget equipment. Students in this ESPN internship must maintain television standards and information, signal slow and distribution during the broadcast operations. Interns will be required to do administrative work like daily shift reporting and staff meetings.

    • Production Assistant Intern - Interns will work with Producers, Coordinating Producer, Highlight and Associate production during the live or taped shows and field events. The job will require to screen game clips and select highlights to come up with shot sheets that will be part of the news. Production Assistant interns may also operate TelePrompTer systems, basic crew function and assisting during productions. They are also responsible for providing suitable, precise and uncut distribution of multimedia components and publishes to various platforms. This will help develop and promote relationships with other international networks by giving and supporting other shows that need some of ESPN’s materials. Interns’ responsibilities also include gathering and organizing all screens, logs and video clips of event footage  They will provide, select and cut video materials for announcement and roll-outs with all show elements namely b-roll, highlights and teasers. Interns will also bring graphics to assigned studio telecast and field events. They also conduct research and screen of videotapes and servers in the media asset management to prepare relevant material for production. Other duties include doing logs, archives and associating video data for future use.

    Benefits of ESPN Internships

    Unlike with some other entertainment companies, ESPN internships are usually paid. Housing will also be provided to interns who are from out of town. Most importantly, you will get a chance work with people who share the same passion for sports as you do. Internships at ESPN are highly competitive, so if you are able to get one, it will help make your resume more impressive. Jump-start your career today with an ESPN internship!

    For more information on internships and careers with ESPN, please visit: Disney Careers.

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    By Diane Barlow