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    Electrical Engineering Internships - What You Need to Know

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    Electrical engineering internships allow you to be part of an exciting field that involves learning how to apply electronics, electricity and electromagnetism. It also comprises of various subtopics, such as telecommunications, signal processing, power and controlling systems. An internship can offer firsthand experience on relevant applications and state of the art technological developments.

    Typical Job Functions of Electrical Engineering Internships

    Electrical engineering internships typically require you to work in designing, developing and productizing innovative electromagnetic systems. As an electrical engineering intern, you will get an opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, from static electric sensors to lightning detection sensors. You may need to take part in the prototype design of a new product, debugging, failure analysis and design integration. You may also need to work in projects like assembling and testing electric sensors, refining designs for manufacturability and reducing cost.

    Electrical engineering internships require you to work in troubleshooting electrical and automation equipment, diagnosing problems by applying several techniques and assisting in upgrading older equipment in order to be compliant with new safety standards. You may be required to perform basic electrical panel maintenance, visual inspection, component replacement, panel wiring and data collection. You may need to design electrical and electronic engineering assemblies and layouts and design AC modules, digital timers, temperature controllers and capital equipment.

    Electrical engineering internship programs also involve developing and/or modifying software and hardware designs based on requirements, communicating with suppliers during development, performing system tests to ensure that the system complies with the requirements and resolve any production anomalies.  You are required to work along with the electrical engineering staff and supervisors in the company and fulfill your commitments on time.

    Some internship programs may require you to work with the research and development team in electronics, software, LED and LCDs to develop new products.

    Electrical engineering internships may be paid or unpaid. Paid internships usually offer around $12 to $15 per hour.

    Example of Companies Offering Electrical Engineering Internships

    Electrical engineering internship programs are offered by various companies during fall, spring and summer.

    • Plastipak Packaging in Westland, MI is a leading company in the design and manufacturing quality plastic rigid containers. They offer year round paid electrical engineering internships.
    • Uvotech in California offers part time unpaid internship opportunities for electrical engineering students throughout the year in the field of laboratory equipment design.
    • Language Systems Inc in Pennsylvania offers internship programs to graduate students pursuing electrical engineering.
    • CorTech in Atlanta, GA offers summer internship programs that last for up to three months. Montana State Government offers summer internship programs to electrical engineering students.

    Benefits of Electrical Engineering Internships

    Electrical engineering internships help you enhance your skills through continuous learning opportunities and experience. This will help you in career advancement and professional growth. You will learn how to do multiple tasks efficiently, so that you can thrive in a fast paced environment. You can acquire team building, leadership and decision making skills. Summer internships offered by some companies help you fulfill your internship needs during the summer months.  Working with a senior team helps you gain hands-on experience and develop more contacts, which will be useful in getting a good job in future.

    For a list of current electrical engineering internships available in your area, please visit CareerJet.

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    By Diane Barlow