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    Chemical Engineering Internships - Description

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    Chemical engineering internships provide an effective way to get experience outside of school. It provides you with the experience you need to get a good job and thrive in the competitive market. It will give you a chance to apply what you learned in your engineering coursework to real world projects.

    Description of Chemical Engineering Internships

    Chemical engineering internships are offered by companies to undergraduate or graduate chemical engineering students. The interns are usually required to make designs and devise ways to make products from raw materials and convert them into useful forms. They may also be required to make processes that are more environmentally friendly and cost effective.

    Chemical engineering internships offer you an opportunity to provide technical support for various refinery units in order to achieve optimum performance. The intern will learn how to meet the safety, economic and environmental guidelines of the company. You will need to collect, analyze and interpret data to troubleshoot operational issues. Some internship programs may expect you to perform tasks as a chemical engineer in a manufacturing environment. You need to partake in various assignments related to product development and other projects.  As an intern, you will work with actual chemical engineers, supervisors and mid level managers.

    On an average, chemical engineering internships pay around $18 per hour. Summer internships are available for chemical engineering students, which last for 6 to 12 weeks. They provide you with a chance to work in real life situations and prepares you for a full-time chemical engineering job.

    Companies Offering Chemical Engineering Internships

    Many companies offer internship programs for chemical engineering students. Some of them offer internships during the school year, while some others offer summer internships.

    • Esterline Technologies Corporation is one of the renowned companies that offer full time chemical engineering internships. You are required to work as an intern for three months.
    • Intel Facilities offer full time chemical engineering internships, where you need to help in developing the best revolutionary processors.
    • Swenson Technology Inc, a renowned company in process equipment in the chemical, waste reduction and pharmaceutical industries offer summer internship programs to chemical engineering students.
    • Solvay America offers summer internship programs to chemical engineering students, who are looking for exposure and experience in a manufacturing setting.
    • The Bell Labs, a global leader in mobile, fixed and converged broadband access and enterprise IT technologies offer summer internship program for chemical engineering students.
    • DuPont Danisco is yet another reputable company offering chemical engineering summer internships. Please visit them here for more information: Danisco Summer Chemical Engineering Internship.

    Benefits of Doing Chemical Engineering Internships

    Chemical engineering internships offer you hands-on experience. The major objective of these internships is to equip you with the skills to obtain a full-time job upon graduation. As an intern, you will be assigned projects with challenging objectives that are consistent with your career goals. Internships prepare you to work in a fast paced environment and for a career in the competitive chemical engineering field. You can also get a chance to work with seasoned chemical engineers who have valuable experience. This can help you hone your skills. Companies use internships as an opportunity to identify potential full time employees, so good luck!

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    By Diane Barlow