• Top 10 Major US Companies for Internships

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    Consider These Top 10 Major US Companies for Internships

    If you are looking to pursue a job at a major company there are several steps to the process. One of the most obvious steps of course is education. Most places seeking to hire interns for them most often require at least a Bachelor’s degree. What kind of degree really depends on what kind of company planning on interning for. The next step, which should also be obvious, is finding the best companies to intern for. So what are internships with major companies even like? What kind of various internships do they offer? Here are the top 10 major US companies for internships and a lot of great info and tips.

    10. Cisco

    Out of any major US companies in our top ten, Cisco has the best balance between work and play. Examples of this balance include freebies, such as movies tickets, all the way to them paying for your tuition. There are also many choices for an intern when deciding which department that they would like to work in: sales, engineering, finance, human resources, business operations, and marketing are all various departments in which an internship may be sought. Cisco’s great work balance and opportunities available combined with an average monthly base pay of $3,904 make it very simple to see why it made it on our list.

    9. JP Morgan Chase

    JP Morgan Chase invests a lot in their internships. It is because of this that those seeking an internship with them should be willing to put in hard work and sometimes long hours to stand out. This is not necessarily a bad thing, considering they are the one of the world’s largest financial service firms. This also isn’t to mention that they hire many of their full time analysts from their Summer Intern Analyst Program. They offer a wide array of available internship choices as well. JP Morgan is consistently hiring interns in investment banking, sales and training, research, CIB risks, public finance, asset management, treasury services and investment services, finance, human resources, operations, technology, corporate client banking, internships for freshmen and sophomores. If you are looking for a great opportunity to get hired on and an average monthly pay base of $4,031, JP Morgan Chase has the internship for you.

    8. Nordstrom

    Named one of Forbes magazine’s best places to work, Nordstrom has a very strong focus on the fashion world and customer service in their industry. However, there are also many opportunities for those with sales, marketing, financing, or information technology degrees. They provide a wonderful work environment with many great chances to learn about sales and the other ins and outs of the company. Nordstrom may be a great choice for those that wish to work toward that perfect idea since this is an area of emphasis for them. They also hire their employees internally through their internship programs so there is a window to be hired on full time. An average monthly pay base of $2,064 along with a great environment is waiting for you!

    7. KPMG

    With a great projection for continued company growth, KPMG is set to provide a ground entry path to success through their internships. They are noted for having amazingly structured programs and a great jump start for networking opportunities. They offer Audit, Tax, and Advisory internships so if your degree is in one of these areas then KPMG is perfect. Something else that sets them apart is their global internship program for those wishing to gaining experience worldwide. If you are successful in your internship, full time employment will be offered. A $3,819 pay base per month is usually what a KPMG intern makes but most importantly their Global Internship Program is what makes them stand out from the pack.

    6. Pricewaterhouse Coopers

    Pricewaterhouse Coopers promises a chance to have a flourishing career with top of the line experience during your training. A great part of their program is shadowing, which gives interns seeking a hands on experience to do so. They offer a shot at international opportunities and have many intern events to allow you to build up your network. They are particularly keen on good treatment of not only their customers but interns as well. Pricewaterhouse Coopers internships are absolutely for those who want to take a very active role in interning. Along with all of these factors they also teach community service responsibility and pay an average of $4,162 per month.

    5. Intel

    Definitely a powerhouse when it comes to computers and technology, Intel offers several great areas to specialize in those areas for interns. The internship programs do not stop there, they also have sales and fellowship internships. As Intel is in a very competitive business you can expect competitive salaries here with a base of $4,734 per month. Vacation, holiday time, and earned credit for sabbaticals are also available for interns. They even offer classes for professional or personal development, which is a definite plus. One of the best things about their internships though is that they will assist in relocation making it much easier to be able to work anywhere. This along with many other perks are reasons why they made our list.

    4. Proctor and Gamble

    Starting out at a monthly average of $4,057 base pay for Proctor and Gamble makes internships here very competitive. Possibly one of the best hands on experience an intern can ask for as it mirrors the same responsibilities and decision making skills as that of a full time employee. This allows for the intern to gain the insight that would be required within the company and have a truly thriving career.  If you are seeking to work with truly intelligent and helpful co-workers, Proctor and Gamble will likely be a great place for anyone to intern.

    3. Microsoft

    Out of all of the internships on our count down so far, Microsoft has one of the most difficult interviews. If you are looking for a true challenge, this is your chance. Everybody knows of Microsoft’s status in the computer world and the pay reflects this notoriety for interns at $5,869 a month. Everyone is helpful in the environment that they provide as well. If you want to work with some of top minds in technology research, human resources, sales, marketing and communication, or any one of several other options, Microsoft is a great company because they create products that shape the world around us.

    2. Qualcomm

    As one of the leading wireless technology providers, Qualcomm offers many quality internship programs. Not only do they give the intern real time experience, they also offer interns to teach on campus making this a unique possibility. With about 60% of those who complete a Qualcomm internship being hired as a full employee says a lot about the quality of the time spent educating interns. Becoming a part of the Qualcomm team is exactly that, a team experience that starts from walking through the door. If that instant gratitude of being a part of something is what you seek, Qualcomm is the place to be.

    And finally, our number one is…

    1. Google

    Who wouldn’t dream of interning with Google? Though they have one of the most difficult interview processes, this is more than compensated with a playful environment that often treats interns better than actual employees. It is also hard to beat the average monthly salary of $5,832, so it is surely worth the trouble. With ample opportunities in technology driven internships, sales, marketing, and many other options, Google truly is the top of the chain when it comes to the perfect internship. Great growth in Google as a company also allows great growth for interns as well. Perfect in almost every way, it would be absurd for Google not to be number one on our list. Not only that, it was also featured in the 2013 full feature film, The Internship.

    List of Top 10 Major US Companies for Internships

    RankCompanyHeadquarter Location
    1GoogleMountain View, California, USA
    2QualcommSan Diego, California, USA
    3MicrosoftRedmond, Washington, USA
    4Proctor and GambleCincinnati, Ohio, USA
    5IntelSanta Clara, California, USA
    6Pricewaterhouse CoopersLondon, United Kingdom
    7KPMGAmsterdam, North Holland
    8NordstromSeattle, Washington, USA
    9JP Morgan ChaseNew York, New York, USA
    10CiscoSan Jose, California, USA

    by Diane Barlow