• Post Graduate Internships - Who, Why, and How

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    You would have thought that your internship days are over now that you have finally graduated, but guess what, a lot of graduates have been thinking of getting post graduate internships for a whole lot of reasons. Post graduate internships is a job that could either be paid or not, and are usually taken for some specific reasons by people who just recently graduated. You can call it apprenticeship or an on-the-job training, if you may.

    Well, there are many advantages to this as recent surveys have concluded that only 51% of college graduates are able to get full time job positions. The other 49% are still on searching or has a job that is underpaid, or just part-time. That is why potentially doing a post graduate internships may look enticing to many graduates.

    Why should one do post graduate internships?

    Here are a few reasons why one should take an internship:

    • Job hunting did not go successfully – while on the prowl for the job you want, you have noticed that it has been months and nothing has happened yet. Not all searches end up in happy endings, which is why it would be helpful to try post graduate internships to be able to add some extra credentials and experience to your list. In fact, if you want to earn through these internships, try to look for companies that do pay rather than unpaid ones.
    • Learn more, work later – for those who are still looking for the added confidence when dealing with a full time job, this is the perfect venue for them to get it. As an added bonus, you want to know all the ins and outs of the nature of work you are entering, so having doing an internship gives you exposure and knowledge as well as a more robust resume when you are ready to apply.
    • The future is unclear – when you still have not figured out what to do with the rest of your life, take the time to join an internship program to help you clear your mind and think of your other options. Maybe you’re a teacher, but wanted to be a writer, so you can work on a magazine team in the summer and see if you are fit to become a writer.

    How can you grab an internship spot?

    There are hundreds of companies online that offer internships to post graduates and here are some of them:

    • American Friends Service Committee – this is a Quaker organization offering summer volunteering as well as internship opportunities abroad. Its main focus is on peace building, economic justice, demilitarization, youth, and social justice.
    • The White House Internship Program – this is the perfect opportunity for future leaders as this internship is devoted to help cultivate as well as prepare leaders to future opportunities in the field.

    There are so many opportunities for internships online, or even at your university. Use our site to help generate ideas on companies and industries, and the rest is up to you.