• Photojournalism Internships

    Photojournalism is an interesting field where images are depicted to narrate the events. It is one part of journalism where only images are depicted to tell a story. Sometimes the images are accompanied with explanatory text. Photojournalism is different from documentary photography due to the fact that it involves taking photographs that are specific to an event.

    Are you interested in taking up a career in photojournalism? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. You need to be creative and have good knowledge on photography to depict an event with photographs. There are many schools and colleges across the nation that offers photojournalism internships. You need to choose one based on your requirements. You need to check whether the program is accredited before registering.

    Companies Offering Photojournalism Internships

    The Cavaliers

    The internship program offered by The Cavaliers gives you an in-depth knowledge on journalism and photography. The program makes you confident and instills a strong work ethic. They train you in making interesting, dynamic and newsworthy images. The photojournalism internship program gives you on the job training which will be real world experience. The Cavaliers offer training in digital photography, Soundslides software and Photoshop.

    USA Today

    USA Today  is quite popular among students who prefer to take up internship programs in subjects of their choice. They offer a internship program in photojournalism for the students who want to pursue this niche career. The program offers them relevant journalism experience, gives them an opportunity to work with famous reporters and editors, work environment for future job opportunities, and in house training opportunities. They train the students in making lively, attractive and remarkable images. They also give them training in digital photography, Soundslides software and Photoshop. USA Today College train students to collect natural sounds, create multimedia slideshows and do voiceovers.


    Loyalist College has its location in Ontario. It is one of the best colleges that offer immense scope for students who wants to pursue their education in photojournalism field. They offer different programs for their students in photojournalism which will make them a great and successful photo journalist in the future.

    These are examples of where you can get started with photojournalism internships.

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