• Importance of Student Business Cards - Guide and Tips

    What Are Student Business Cards and Why Are They Important?

    Of course you have heard about business cards right? But student business cards? Why should students have them? What are they? To answer those questions, continue reading. A business card is a small pocket-sized (usually hard) paper used by an individual or a student as a way to market themselves to others. Though business cards are just ordinary to the professionals, students must also have their own business cards earlier to establish and create connections with other people as early as they can.

    Student business cards can be useful to the student’s future career. A business card can go anywhere and the one currently holding it might be your future employer or client in the future. A business card contains the student’s name, contact information, specialized skills, etc. It acts as an easy way of giving someone your info in case they need to reach you in the future. Often times, when you meet someone who might be able to help you professionally, time is limited, so having a student business card handy would be very useful.

    The Benefits of Creating Student Business Cards

    Having a business card of your own can benefit you in many ways such as:

    • It shows a sense of professionalism at an early stage giving potential employers to notice your skills and abilities earlier.
    • You can give it to your friends and even classmate because one day, they might need your help so they could potentially become your future employer and/or clients.
    • You can exchange your student business card with another business card so you have each other’s contact info.

    Guide and Tips on How to Create Your Own Student Business Cards

    Creating a student business card should be taken seriously since it has the ability to increase or decrease your chances of being hired in the future. Hence, you may refer to these guidelines and tips in creating your own student business card:

    Basic Information

    In creating a student business card, you must include the basic information such as your complete name, your contact numbers (phone, cell phone, email address, and website), and the field you specialize in. The easier it is to contact you, the higher is your chance to be hired. You may also include the school you are currently in if you wished to.


    Your business card must be printed on high quality ink and paper (no ink smears) since it may associate you as being too unprofessional.


    The creativity applied to a student’s business card must be dependent on what field are you in. If you are into photography, you may print a good sample shot on your business card. If you are into architecture designs, you may include graphic designs or anything else. You may also include a logo or a slogan to catch more attention However, a plain business card also will do to avoid errors.

    Spreading Your Information

    Use your student business card professionally. Upon meeting a person for the first time, especially at a networking event, make sure they’re somewhat interested in you before offering your card. If they are, it is a good time to offer your business card. However, it is much better to wait for someone to ask for your business card and as a good etiquette, ask for theirs as well.

    Student business cards can provide a good foundation for marketing yourself. Thus, if you want to increase your chances of getting hired in the future after you graduate, take time to make yours now because you’ll never know it will come in handy.