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    State Department Internships – An Overview

    State department internships prepare students and graduates for a career in relation to local and international policies, foreign affairs, and the like. This internship does not necessarily require a course in political science or law, any course or major will do.  It is offered by government offices or bureaus to those who wish to pursue a career not only in a State Department office, but foreign embassies, other government bureaus and its branches as well. There are both paid and unpaid state department internships.

    Benefits of State Department Internships

    In applying for state department internships, one can choose to apply between paid or unpaid internship programs. But, most of the time; the positions available for students are usually that of unpaid ones. The great thing about it though, is that internships provide paid travel opportunities for most states. One may be assigned to work in a foreign embassy, another’s state’s public affairs department, and so on. The duties and responsibilities may be tasking but, the experience itself will surely be fruitful and will help provide better career opportunities in the future.

    Examples of Popular State Department Internships

    • Political Foreign and Defence Policy Internships – will give interns more knowledge about this field and train an intern to handle tasks pertaining to analysis and comprehension of policies. The intern will work closely with the staff and check on different areas concerning foreign and defense policies, make a comprehensive report on it as well as the meetings and hearings that is required to attend. This state department internship requires a lot of research and analysis on the part of the intern, so critical thinking is important.
    • Commercial Services Internships – are supposed to keep interns updated on the commercial trends locally and internationally. Interns are expected to create a report on it and analyze data. State department internships in commercial services will give students a chance to learn about tailored business solutions, export and import trends and everything that concerns the market around the world. The duties and responsibilities may be tasking but interns will receive great experience.
    • Civil Services Internships – are for those who are more inclined to accepting and understanding a wide variety of cultures both local and foreign. Civil Services interns are trained to compel ambassadorial values and other ideas. They work in full force with the foreign affairs staff to deal with international policies. Interns here can expect to have a full time workload with a hectic schedule.
    • Local and International Public Health Affairs Internships - does not always require students with a medical or medical related background, however sometimes it can be helpful. The roles involved may not revolve on diagnosis and treatments but on local and international health issues and its related policies. Like other positions mentioned here, research along with analytical skills are expected to be developed. This will help students in this state department internship to work together with the staff in implementing policies to foster public health.

    Other Information about State Department Internships

    When aiming to be granted a state department internship position, students need to be aware of the tedious process.  The application process itself can take from weeks to months. There are always additional requirements to comply with every time an applicant receives correspondence. Phone interviews are also to be expected for state department internships. However, not everyone can be granted a security or interim clearance which may be the most important requirement (if applicable) when applying for these internships. Check out agency.governmentjobs.com for more of state department internships.

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