Oil & Gas SummerPosition Internship

10101 Reunion Pl Ste 1000

Application Deadline: Closed
Timeframe: 05/30/17 — 08/22/17

Lewis Energy Group Description

Lewis Energy Group likes to control its own destiny, and we want you to be a part of it. We encourage student development, and provide interns with real work experience applicable to their degree. Throughout the twelve week internship program, students are to complete a project that will impact our current and future operations. In addition, interns have an opportunity to expand their knowledge with presentations on the industry, and vertical integration by key team members in our company. As part of the program, interns attend multiple field trips conducted by our technical professionals designed to present the students with hands on experience of the field operations. The internship will end with a presentation of all projects to a group of executives, senior managers, supervisors and mentors involved in the program.

Examples of degrees that we are interested in:

-Petroleum Engineering

-Industrial Engineering

-Chemical Engineering


-Other, with coursework or experience related to oil & gas

Lewis Energy Group 6 Full-time, Paid Responsibilities

Each intern will have an individual project, day-to-day task will vary by department.

-The Intern will perform project related work in their field and will be required to provide a summary of their work at the conclusion of their internship.

- The intern will operate under the supervision and mentoring of an industry professional.

-The intern will have an opportunity to connect with personnel across the company and provide real solutions to situations involved.

Lewis Energy Group 6 Full-time, Paid Requirements


-Pursuing a degree in an accredited institution.

-Must have completed sophomore year status and in good academic standing.


-Demonstrate good communication and presentation skills.

-Demonstrate computer skills.