Marketing & Advertising Internship

2874 E 111TH

Company Location: Cleveland, OH
Application Deadline: Closed


Brownstone Real Estate Services Co.

2874 E. 111th St.

Cleveland, Ohio 44104

Phone 216-721-0148 Fax 800-732-9625

Email: [email protected]

Introduction & Philosophy

We are a mortgage loss prevention company providing clients with witnessed loan closing services. We pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know each and every client individually - listening to their specific needs and wishes. We're ready to expedite your loan closing; so, your client can get settled in their new home. We have flexible hours and for faster closings we will even deliver the signed (originals) documents the fastest way possible.

Strength & Distinction

In the past ninth months there has been over 250 cases filed with the U.S. District court regarding real estate loans that were approved that should have never been approved. The Federal Bureau of Investigations launched a full investigation on the lending institutions employees and officers for mortgage fraud. The main issues underlining written loans that were signed by individuals that never owned the property stated as well as identities of the parties present had not been validated.

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Banks are losing more money in real estate than ever and are on the edge of approving loans anymore due to this dramatic loss. Most losses occur because of fraudulent acts of others for example, identity theft by property. These items either lead to a long drawn out lawsuit or foreclosure, in any instance the bank is the first to loose.

Here at Brownstone RES Co. we have developed a new witnessed loan closing technique that has the following specifications and advantages over similar services within the industry; our main goal is to prevent mortgage fraud and to ensure that the investor or lending institution feels safe in regards to lending in the real estate industry, confirm real property ownership, validate identity prior to signing, validate loan stipulations, and prevent real property theft.

Experience & Strength

This company is owned and operated by Sarayah McCoy and has established this company as an S-corporation. Sarayah has had over 10 years’ experience within the field of real estate. She started out working for commonwealth financial services as a loan originator. Mrs. McCoy sat for the Ohio Loan Officer License exam in 2002 and has been active in helping consumers maintain their investment. Throughout her tenure she saw that there was a need for loans to be witnessed and validated due to the fact of the fraudulent loan status across the United States. While holding a loan officer license for the state of Ohio she also obtain her notary commission by doing this it allows she came up with being a major asset to this industry as a closer while making sure that all the information was correct by verifying what was stated within the loan documents.

BROWNSTONE REAL ESTATE SERVICES CO 5 Part-time, Paid (College Credit Required) Responsibilities

Seeking a Marketing Representative for Cleveland, Ohio to meet with local companies listed below and retain their business through contract. Administer presentation while exceeding professional ethics; participate in negotiations; target marketing areas are:

•Local Title Companies

•Mortgage Companies

•Law Firms for notary and courier services


•Debt Consolidation firms

BROWNSTONE REAL ESTATE SERVICES CO 5 Part-time, Paid (College Credit Required) Requirements

Requirements for internship:

•Student must be pursuing a degree in the position applying for such as marketing, business or human resources.

•Student must be proficient with utilizing email and powerpoint presentations.

•working knowledge of word,excel, and outlook mobile.

•Must have the ability to work full time for 15 weeks during the summer

•Strong communication skills both verbal and written

•Strong organization skills

•Must have or be willing to obtain notary commssion for the state of OHIO.