Developer Internship

Application Deadline: Closed
Position: 5 Unpaid
Timeframe: 06/01/10 — 08/10/10

High Performance Technologies Description

High Performance Technologies, Inc. (HPTi) is looking for students for the 2010 Co-op/Internship program. The purpose of the Co-Op/Internship program is to give students real-world work experience as an application developer. Working with an experienced Project Manager, students will design, create, and implement custom software solutions to help with HPTi’s current effort to become certified at CMMI Level 4.

High Performance Technologies 5 Unpaid Responsibilities

HPTi will teach college students how each phase of the HPTi Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) works together to create a complete development release. During each phase, from Requirements to Implementation, students will further define the needs of the user until a final product is created. Students will use various technologies such as Java, XML, Hibernate, SQL, Cascading Style Sheets, etc. to transform current Excel spreadsheets into web applications. At the end of the semester, students will demonstrate their application to HPTi employees and executives for final sign-off.

System Engineers and Software Developers assist project teams in applying cutting edge technologies and best practice techniques using mature processes, procedures and methods on technical engagements. They apply various technologies and technical approaches to address a range of business and technical problems such as design, development, troubleshooting and analysis of technical projects and/or programs, and resolving incompatibilities of new or existing programs. Activities may include requirements definition and analysis, solution architecture and design, prototyping and simulation, solution development, quality assurance, packaging and deployment and documentation and training and knowledge transfer.
At the entry level, employees gain an understanding of the basic business functions and procedures of the firm, perform pre-defined structured tasks that are part of large activities and processes, and make decisions using learned alternatives. New graduate employees complete defined work assignments under direct supervision that provide valuable impact on individual customer perceptions and HPTi team members. These experiences are intended to provide the building blocks for growth and success.

High Performance Technologies 5 Unpaid Requirements

All employees are expected to act with the best interest of the firm in mind, cooperate with and assist managers in delivering service to the client, strive to understand management objectives, communicate honestly and openly with management, and cooperate and work professionally with other team members.