Renewable Energy: Regulatory Support Internship

Application Deadline: Closed
Position: 2 Unpaid
Timeframe: 03/08/10 — 06/08/10

Free Flow Power Description

Free Flow Power (FFP) focuses on growing hydropower. We acquire, develop and manage hydropower and hydrokinetic facilities to generate clean renewable energy from flowing water. We are deploying hydrokinetic generators in the Mississippi River Basin with Federal Energy Regulatory Ccommission (FERC) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers licenses. With 80 sites on the Mississippi River and 17 sites on the Atchafalaya River, the projects meet regional demand for renewable energy with a total capacity greater than 1,000MW.

Our value is:
* For Electricity Consumers: Carbon-free electricity with greater reliability and lower cost than other renewable energy sources.

* For Our Project Owners: An integrated approach to licensing, engineering, and finance to capture value and address challenges quickly and cost effectively.

* For Our Investors: Exposure to a valuable yet overlooked renewable energy sector that provides opportunities for rapid growth.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulates hydropower licensing. The internship will support the earliest stages of the FERC licensing cycle for our most recent hydrokinetic projects. You would work with the Project Development team to complete a “Pre-Application Document” summarizing all reasonably available information in the public domain concerning a variety of topic areas such as:

* Recreation and Land Use in the Project Area
* Existing River System & Environment (General description of river environment, major land overview, tributary rivers)
* Cultural Resources in Project Area (In river or on-shore abutting historic or archaeological sites; Indian tribes, Nat’l Register of Historic Places)
* Socioeconomic Resources

Free Flow Power 2 Unpaid Responsibilities

There will be a lot of basic research, mostly on the internet and phone, followed by writing. We are creating a large document for submission into the licensing record. The team will work together to complete the document but each individual will take ownership of a particular section.

Free Flow Power 2 Unpaid Requirements

Fluent in English with strong writing skills.

Very experienced with internet research and able to effectively draft and edit in Microsoft Word.

Must be able to meet deadlines and take full ownership of a research and writing assignment from topic to finished product.

A strong passion for renewable energy and a proven ability to work on large, group projects.