Web Development Internship

3030 Pullman Street

Application Deadline: Closed

Working Wardrobes Description

Are you an experienced web developer looking to give back to the community? Then we have the opportunity for you.

Or are you an aspiring web developer looking to build your resume? What better way to build your resume than to have a create a complete website that prospective employers can reference immediately!

We are looking for the right volunteer(s) with the right skill set to help us transition from our old website to a new website in a timely manner!

Can work virtually with occasional in person meetings.

Working Wardrobes Part-time, Unpaid Requirements

Minimum Skills: Web design, Content Management, Adobe Fireworks CS4, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and Adobe Photoshop.

Desired Skills: proficient in either Microsoft .NET Framework Development (Language of C#) and Microsoft SQL Server with a solid background in Design both at the business and UI Level or a solid Open Source developer proficient in Ruby on Rails or PHP along with MySQL Database and design skills.