Advertising Sales Internship

Company Location: Worcester, MA
Application Deadline: Closed

Worcester Sign Company Description

Billboard and Large Format Outdoor Media Sales in the Worcester Market.

In this job you will learn the makings of the billboard industry and what it takes to fulfill campaigns and get the job completed from start to finish.

Worcester Sign Company Part-time, Paid (College Credit Required) Responsibilities

You will manage clients and thier outdoor advertising campaign. Involves coordinating the artwork with graphic designer, submitting the printing order, recieving the vinyl, coordinating the installation of the billboard, in addition to client relations and reporting.

Worcester Sign Company Part-time, Paid (College Credit Required) Requirements

Must be personable and able to deal with people. Work in a time sensitve deadline environment. Coordinate and manage all parts of fulfillment of advertising campaign. Be familiar with Microsoft Office Suite and have standard computer skills.