Civil Engineering Internship

Saint Charles, MO

Application Deadline: Closed
Position: Full-time, Paid
Timeframe: 05/31/10 — 08/31/10

New Rule Products Description

New Rule Products Inc., is offering a 3 month unpaid internship to a student or industry professional in the civil/structural engineering field. Intern will be given a weekly stipend for gas and food of $110.

Intern will coordinate a project that studies and provides a detailed analysis of patented technology that provides engineers first ever scientific research for quality assurance of welding on commercial buildings and bridges in the field on composite structures.

New Rule Products Full-time, Paid Responsibilities

Project 1: Reactive Traditional Testing vs. Proactive Scientific Testing
Coordinating primary and 3rd party research and testing of the TCLP Analyzer in the field and then compare to the traditional methods of testing for quality assurance with a sledgehammer. Intern will be expected to understand the system and successfully execute the use of the TCLP Analyzer, data collection, data analysis, and data presentation methods. Intern will be expected to coordinate and publish a full report on the value added benefits of testing stud shear connectors on buildings and bridges with scientific analysis, as opposed to the traditional testing method of destructively banging on the welded studs with a sledge hammer.
Project 2: Quality Assurance 12 Page Full Color Interactive Brochure
Over the 3-month internship, research and develop an informational engineering catalogue explaining the structural benefits of our innovative Time Current Lift Plunge Analyzer to the commercial structure industry. This brochure will be used as an informational tool for the biggest civil engineering firms in the USA. Intern will work with a supervisor that will assist with the graphic design, layout, film, and photography. The catalogue will be put into print and also digital format with videos imbedded.

New Rule Products Full-time, Paid Requirements

1. Intern must be currently enrolled in a civil engineering or structural engineering curriculum/major at a University.
2. Hold a degree in civil engineering or relevant career experience.
3. Feel comfortable calling industry professionals and performing independent research.
4. General knowledge of AUTO CAD is preferable.
5. Means of transportation.
6. Available 30-40 hours per week for 3 consecutive months.