Advertising Internship


Company Location: Lake City, FL
Application Deadline: December 24, 2017
Timeframe: 12/01/17 — 04/01/18

Moving America Description

Intern will be required to present and implement a completed advertising campaign. Intern will be counseled throughout the project. If goals are met intern should expect to have gained a thorough amount of Hands-On experience. This particular project will be focused on using public marketplaces to access private marketplaces.

Moving America 3 Part-time, Unpaid Responsibilities

Intern will be responsible for completing and implementing a full advertising campaign. This includes a basic research stage, followed by strategy development, tactical implementation and final evaluation. Each stage will be a month long with approximately 10-20 hours of dedicated time per week.

Moving America 3 Part-time, Unpaid Requirements

The most important requirement for this position is having a desire to win. We believe that true winners have three key characteristics. Discipline, Direction and Determination.

Intern must also have streaming technology and a quiet place to conference throughout the course of the project. Intern must have evenings and nights available.

We prefer advertising and marketing majors, but will consider all applications equally.