Sales & Advertising assistant Internship

P.O. Box 23032

Application Deadline: Closed

Let Me AD You Description

Make FULL Time Pay with PART time work with LET ME AD YOU.

Let Me Ad You provides free promotional menu services and products to local restaurants & entertainment establishments by tying in low cost/high visibility advertising to local merchants in any field of business within the area of the restaurant.

Let Me AD You 2 Part-time, Paid Responsibilities

-Secure the meeting time and appointment with contact person.

-Time management ability to set schedules, appointments and follow-up visits.

-Must be accountable and have the ability to be self motivating.

-Enjoy working independently & thrive on being rewarded for the energy that you will put into your work.

Let Me AD You 2 Part-time, Paid Requirements

-Required to have the ability to visit local restaurants and merchants to initialize the relationship between Let Me AD You and the business owners. Find out who is the owner or makes the marketing decisions.

-Have transportation

-Possess interpersonal skills to develop partnerships with local merchants, restaurants, and entertainment establishments