Social Media Assistant / Marketing Assistant Internship

Company Location: Salinas, CA
Application Deadline: Closed


H2O Print Media, Inc Description

H2O Print Media, Inc. is a boutique ad agency that specializes in advertising in national magazines.

Magazines you can find our pages in are: OK Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, New York Magazine, People StyleWatch, Parenting OC, Parent and Child, Maxim, and US Weekly!

Please view more about us at .

H2O Print Media, Inc 2 Full-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required) Responsibilities

– Coordinate online marketing and advertising campaigns and update Web sites ( twitter and facebook)

– Research new clients

– help promote clients through social media

H2O Print Media, Inc 2 Full-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required) Requirements

– Provide links to 1-2 social networking profiles to demonstrate interest and knowledge

– Possess skills in writing, presentation, and interpersonal relations

IT Junior Specialist Internship

1050 17th St. NW, Suite 1000
Application Deadline: Closed


Mer Events Description

Mer Events is one of the prominent Events Planning and Promotion companies in the DMV area.

Mer Events 2 Full-time, Unpaid Responsibilities

Assist with the operation of Software AND Networking.

Mer Events 2 Full-time, Unpaid Requirements

Knowledge of Web Development is a plus.