Update or re-write business automation software Internship


Company Location: Edgewood, NM
Application Deadline: Closed
Timeframe: 06/01/17 — 12/01/17



Our proprietary, web hosted application requires a front end update from ASP 2.0. We are seeking an update or a re-write so we are open to discuss the type of programming. Overall, we are seeking best type of programming to ensure the best secure user experience as well as global updates, scalability and extensive life cycle. The current database is SQL2012R2

CLEAR PATH SYSTEMS 2 Part-time, Paid Responsibilities

• Update or re-write Classic ASP to .Net, or best suited programming language for optimal performance (a presentation and justification for programming language change would be required)

Design, develop and test additions to applications per functional requirements and specifications

Update SQL2012R2 data model, tables and stored procedures for optimum performance. Update SQL2012R2 to latest or better suited version or product

Design, develop and test new database additions per functional requirements and specifications

Cross-platform browser development including IE, Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla. We are open other solutions.

Interface development including Desktop, Laptop and Tablet.

CLEAR PATH SYSTEMS 2 Part-time, Paid Requirements

• Classic ASP to .NET or open source, Java, or other

• Latest HTML / CSS

• SQL or other databases

• JQuery, or Java or VBScript, (Our timers and other functions are in Java and VBScript)

• We are open to other types of programming best suited for scalability and fast delivery.