Technology Tele Marketing “” Internship



Company Location: Edison, NJ
Application Deadline: Closed
Timeframe: 10/31/13 — 11/30/13

STAR IT Consultng Description

STAR-IT-Consulting - is an USA registered Information Technology consulting firm offering Information Technology, Process & Business-consulting services to Small & Midsize & Enterprise & non-profit firms and has 16 years experienced information technology design and implementation professionals.

Website: “”

Specialization:Small business and Medium business

1.Website development and support

2.IT infrastructure virtualization-Google Apps and Google cloud-powered by Google

3. IT services and support

4.Application development


STAR IT Consultng 2 Part-time, Paid Responsibilities

Reach Small business and medium business through Phone and Email

Presentation and articulation of solutions to customers

Maintain relationship with customers

Closing deals and Pricing details

Payment will be depending on the number of paying customers acquired and 50% commission and partnership and Technical and communication training will be provided.

STAR IT Consultng 2 Part-time, Paid Requirements

Communication and presentation skills

Marketing for small and medium business

Building relationship skills

Basics IT skills and cloud skills (Training will be provided)

experience-0 to 5 years

USA Citizens,Green card holders/EAD and who are authorized to do intership and currently in USA.