Programmer & Web Developer Internship


Company Location: Wilmington, NC
Application Deadline: Closed

Frank Description

Frank,, is a political, social networking site, connecting all people with their elected representatives. This website provides three main objectives to users: a voice for candidates/ law makers to connect with their constituencies; a platform providing citizens with information, including who donated during campaigns and stances on current bills; and the ability for individuals to donate directly through our website to political campaigns. As with each of these, there are a variety of proposed features. As a recent start-up company, we are looking to accept applicants for an internship in programming/web developing.

We are currently setting the groundwork for a cutting-edge political social website that will change the way the public interacts with government on a local, state and national level. Frank will be the largest and most informative political social platform on the web. With a unique plan to launch the site to the public and gain the involvement of politicians, Frank will bring a positive change to the world of politics. Frank will have multiple revenue streams including monthly fees for politician access to a back office that manages their campaign to a percentage of all online donations through Frank to a politician, group or party. Frank will bring politics to the doorsteps of individuals who are affected by issues that matter to them the most. Frank gives ordinary people the power to vote and comment on those issues, and politicians are able to visualize where the publics favor lies and respond openly in real time.

Frank 3 Part-time, Unpaid Responsibilities

Lastly, understand that we are an intense and passionate company. We have an idea and model that we have been told is “phenomenal”, “world-changing”, and “the best idea I’ve heard in longtime” by many people with the power to make it happen. However, until we have a prototype to bring to life what we have on paper, we cannot move forward.
Email your resume, any links to projects you have done, and any other relevant information to [email protected] We are moving quickly on this and plan to hire for this position soon. Be sure to let us know what your schedule is like, how much time you have to work on this project and why you are interested.
If you are interested in working with a developing company, Frank Politics Inc is looking forward to hearing from you!

Frank 3 Part-time, Unpaid Requirements

Design expertise – Professional level skills in Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks, In Design, and Photoshop, with strong UI/Layout, mockup, branding, and print skills.
* Front End Expertise – XHTML/CSS/JavaScript – Hand code, standards compliant, semantic, cross platform & cross device interfaces, jQuery, MooTools, Ext. JS (for web/internet and mobile devices).
* Application Programming Expertise – PHP, ColdFusion, AJAX, Web Services (RSS, REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, etc.). Advocate for the appropriate use of SAAS, design patterns, frameworks, SOA, ORM, and MVC.
* Database Expertise – MSSQL/MySQL – Relational database design and programming, stored procedures, triggers, reporting, and administration.
* Server Expertise – IIS, Apache, URL Rewrites, security, certificates, load balancing, etc.

While these are not absolutes, they should serve as a general basis in what we are looking for.

* Ability to build a team – we have plans to hire at least 2 more engineers once funded (with more to follow as we grow) and you will be hand selecting your team