IT Internship

130 Pine Ave, Suite 200

Application Deadline: November 26, 2017

human-I-T Description


human I-T is a collective group of smart humans turning  e-waste into opportunities; fixing technology and distributing it to those in need. We are looking for an enthusiastic intern who is dedicated and shows willingness to learn. The IT Intern will be reporting to the IT Manager. As an intern your essential job functions include ( but not limited to) : maintaining hardware, software and other systems; participating  in troubleshooting of  hardwares and assisting in workstation configurations.


A.] Maintaining and coordinating activities & Providing solution for IT related problems

Will manage daily operations in the IT department

Maintain IT servers to provide IT solutions to security and software related updates

Maintain records of daily wipe off data or installation activities

Coordinate with IT Manager to find solutions for any IT related queries

Maintain records by documenting any hardware and software changes or revisions

B.] Working with Hardware and Software

Will do basic IT troubleshooting for software applications and hardware( computers, laptops)

Install and perform repairs on hardware, software or other peripheral equipments

Help the IT Manager to prepare evaluations for any software or  hardware upgrades

Inspect IT inventory assets and will be responsible to wipe data off the hardware

Help in refurbishing computers and will work with custom softwares

C.] Communication with Co-workers

Confer with staff and management to tell them about any modifications made

Provide information to manager, co-workers via email or in-person

Ability to communicate any ideas in a way that others can understand

D.] Testing and Installation

Will test software performance

Assist with  installing software on hardware for internal and external use

Assist with technical hardware installation

JOB CONTEXT: Working in a warehouse setting environment with a lot of  hands on experience, work at  IT workbenches and required to work in teams including face-to- face discussions. Will work with moderate level hazardous materials sometimes but would be provided with prope

human-I-T Full-time, Unpaid Requirements


A.] Education

Looking for a Junior or Senior in college pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science or related fields

B.] Experience

Experience with Asana preferred, not required

Basic working knowledge of computers required

6 months- 1 year of experience in IT preferred ( not required)

C.] Skills

Knowledge in basic troubleshooting and Windows 10 preferred (not required)

Superior communication and interpersonal skills

Basic computer skills with demonstrated capabilities in using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel

Demonstrates working knowledge of various softwares

Ability to learn fast and follow directions well

Pays excellent attention to detail

Demonstrates honesty and integrity

Ability to communicate well and work effectively with diverse team members

Technology Support Engineer  Internship

3350 E. Birch st. #210

Application Deadline: November 26, 2017
Timeframe: 11/01/17 — 02/01/18

Uptime Computer Service, Inc. Description

Seeking Brilliant Technology Support Engineer students!

An established technology consulting organization based in Brea, Ca, providing technology solutions for small professional businesses, construction firms, investment companies is hiring! Our clients are our focus, and our employees are vital to our success.

Are you looking for a place to THRIVE, instead of feeling robotic? Keep Reading.

We are looking for an exceptional Technology Support Engineer Intern to provide monitoring, management and support services for our clients’ servers and networks. Interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate effectively, multitask and prioritize are key; you will be working daily with our customers from the end user to the executive level.

Uptime Computer Service, Inc. 2 Part-time, Paid Responsibilities

We take care of those, who care for our clients and communities.

Conversion to a full, or part-time employee is highly beneficial to both Uptime, and the Intern.

Should we come to the mutual decision after a 90 day to onboard as a regular employee we offer a terrific benefit package including health insurance, compensation will be based on your skills and experience, so bring us your very best!

Please e-mail your resume with a cover letter: submissions without a suitable cover letter will not be reviewed. All submissions will be held in confidence. An interview is required, so local candidates only need apply.

Job Type: Internship Part-time, Salary negotiable depending on level of education and experience.

Uptime Computer Service, Inc. 2 Part-time, Paid Requirements

You will be the empowered intellectual connection, for each client’s service experience.

Our engineers work collectively to implement our best practices for the ultimate benefit of our clients, and we want to find those individuals who want to find a workplace to truly thrive in. Conceptually, our successful candidate will:

be highly organized

be able to self-manage

have proven written and oral communication skills

possess an inclination for learning new technologies quickly

Have at least one year of technical school experience diagnosing and administering networks

Necessary server and network skills include experience or certification with:

· Windows Server 2003/2008/2012

· Hosted email, Office 365, Local Exchange

· Microsoft SQL / MS Azure

· Microsoft SharePoint

· Active Directory services

· BDR backups

· Cloud services

· Multi-platform environments

· Remote access

· Firewalls

· LANs / WANs / VPNs

On the workstation side, necessary skills include troubleshooting and support capabilities with:

· Windows 7 8 & 10

· MS Office applications

· Antivirus

· Mobile Device Support (Android/iPhone)

· Basic hardware repair skills (replace hard drive, install RAM, etc.)

Mobile IOS/Android or Senior Software Full Stack Developer Internship


Company Location: Ocala, FL
Application Deadline: November 26, 2017 Description

Here’s a little about us:

Who are we? Our vision for “Etching-It” to become a dynamic and interactive platform for the next generation’s type of social network where the end user’s experience meets their demands. Providing them a transparent view into the future for social media-lites around the world seeking a common place for their voices to be heard. is a social media revolution looking to change the way we utilize, manage, and store information on user social media platforms available to them. We believe that the very foundation of life in bridging people-to-people and communities-to-communities is a vital part of social media and improving their daily lives.

As a company, our philosophy is being an “active” participant in industries across corporate America, emphasizing the importance of bridging gaps between students or those new to the workforce with employers & businesses. is filling the missing key transitional guidance on how to build their careers and being entrusted to perform with the same opportunities as any experienced professional.


Why an Interactive Social Platform?

Our goals are simple and scalable for the trends in many industries. The evolution of Etching-It stemmed from the discovery of not having one single platform where personal, professional, and the flexibility to manage one's own social network & information is a viable option today. Yes, the individual platforms exist separately and if the need to have more than one, then they manually need to be integrated. The general population wants to have a voice and be heard without having to be skilled in design, technology, or various nuances associated to creating social media platforms. It requires alot of work. Result: a unique next generation network.

We are certain that you will have many questions, which we will gladly answer in your interview. Again, Thank you for your interest in this “career opportunity”.

We require that you currently attending college/university, or are working in the US with the intent to be attending coursework, and be eligible for hire in the US without sponsorship. Work would be performed at home, we do video and phone conferencing, video chat, text and email as way to communicate as a team effectively. 2 Part-time, Unpaid Responsibilities

What to expect:

Sills of 3 or better relative to development of a mobile app.

Analysis on types of coding, features, design, and build of social network.

Work on determining options for the right coding/building of the social network

Work with management to create, design architecture roadmaps and develop the architecture of the network, interactive social media platform both network and mobile app.

Experience with designing and coding of mobile apps or interest in working with management to create one.

Be part of the testing and QA teams during requirements, design, build, and go live phases of the SDLC using Agile SaFe framework methodologies.

Additional responsibilities could be given depending on interest and job performance. 2 Part-time, Unpaid Requirements

We are only looking for IOS/Android Mobile Developers who are interested in quickly advancing their career and are dedicated to expanding their portfolio through real world experience. We currently do not need any additional “Data Management type resources”

Advanced & extensive programming coursework in or willing to expand skills:

Java, C#, C++, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby and ASP.Net. HTML, CSS & JavaScript, & XHP for the frontend;

Experience/interest in developing mobile apps.

Will have used diverse operating systems or interest in expanding their skills

Positive, flexible, ability to deal with change, willingness to learn

Contact us at: [email protected] or 703-409-1726