Lacoste Fall 2014 MIS Internship

551 Madison Ave

Application Deadline: Closed

Lacoste Corporate Office Description

Summary Description:

This position is located in New York, NY. We are looking for students who are interested in management information systems. Interns will develop the skills necessary to analyze the operational activities associated with an organization.

Interested Applicatants can submit their Resumes here:


Essential Job Responsibilities:

· Assist in corporate/warehouse general computer support, including printers, basic software/hardware troubleshooting

· Contact vendors for support on laptop and printer repair issues

· Documentation review

· Researches projects


· Interview is required

· For college credit only, internship is unpaid, housing is not provided

· Working knowledge in multiple platforms including Windows XP/7, OSX

· Working knowledge of Microsoft Office

· Computer science/engineering students in their college careers

Core Values and Traits:


Have the ability to take responsibility for results.

Be responsive and able to address questions and issues every day.

Be able to recognize the contributions of others.

Able to recognize success as well as failure and being able to learn both individually and collectively from past experiences, retaining best practices.


Willing to take risks and create new ways of working together.

Being capable of changing conventional ways and doing what makes sense even when faced with challenges.

The ability to take the road less traveled and going beyond current trends to achieve results.

Have the ability to excite our customers with innovation.


Able to share opinions and information to work together differently.

Building trust and cooperation among associates to make important decisions.

Learning to execute solutions and face difficult problems together.

Cultivate strength and cooperative spirit.

Share achievements within and between teams throughout the organization.


Being considerate of other people’s point of view.

Recognizing that diversity in terms of opinions and approaches is an opportunity to explore new creative ways of thinking.

The ability to have open and direct communication that fosters people development.

COMPENSATION: The Lacoste internship is unpaid and for credit only. There is no reimbursement for travel or meals.