IT/Computer Science Major / Systems Integrator / GRADUATE LEVEL ONLY Internship


Company Location: Miami, FL
Application Deadline: Closed
Timeframe: 03/21/14 — ?

LRT Description

Wanted - Intern or Intern Team Of Two ( must be from same class )

to manage design, customizations, integrations of cloud based system for int'l eLearning company .

Must be familiar with big data, Telco, My SQL, cloud server systems, multi tenancy open source

CRM's, and Twilio call center solution for int'l operation with multi language licensing capabilities.

Pretty simple. This will be your own project. If you are good, we'll let you run with it.

The system is installed and now requires customizations, some integrations, & failover.

We are building a franchise like eLearning system to deploy in as many as 100 countries

via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and web. Your task is to design the IT network and failovers.

Add'l Support and resources provided as needed.

You can Start anytime and work remotely evenings, weekends, spare time.

** Generous Stipend offered when the 1st phase launch of the project is complete.

LRT 2 Part-time, Paid Responsibilities

- Coordinate with team to optimize technology to improve workflow and communications

- Contribute to improving functionality and sales profitability via IT systems and marketing automation.

- Complete customization of CRM technology for Sales, Marketing, Joint Venture Marketing, and Affiliates.

- You'll be responsible for the entire project, so don't apply if you are not capable of managing the project,

the obstacles, setbacks, tech support roadblocks, etc. MUST BE A SELF STARTER

LRT 2 Part-time, Paid Requirements

- Must Have IT competency in the following:

- Must know open source solutions, Sugar CRM, TWILIO, PHP, MYSQL 5+, API integrations,

WordPress, Genesis Framework, Internet marketing automation solutions,

- Possess skills in workflow design, documentation, analyzing, formulating, trouble-shooting, and synchronizing.

Must be responsible, accountable, highly motivated, and able to complete tasks 100%.

Please do not apply if you are not absolutely passionate about this type work for a lifetime career.

Please do not apply if you cannot start immediately, and dedicate min 20 hrs a week.

Please do not apply if you have a track record of not finishing tasks when challenges arise.

Can work into a full time position if you can deliver quality, well documented completed tasks.

Must be exceptional with organizational work, mind maps, process maps, swim lane maps etc.