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Application Deadline: Closed

Dpoint Group Description

Dpointgroup was created in 2002 by Daniel Gustavo Bukin. It is organized in three solution groups: Online Solutions, Marketing and Communications and Resourcing and Education. We provide our customers with a one stop shop experience.

Main tasks for the Programming Internship:

• Programming Services for our Websites

• Quotation of Programming Solutions to our Clients

The intern will have to update our websites, mobile applications, develop our start-ups ideas and projects samples, and participate in our own projects and clients projects.

Dpoint Group Part-time, Unpaid Responsibilities

THE COMPANY GIVES training on different subjects and programs (Photo/Web/Video Editors, SEO, Community Management, Google Adwords/ad sense and Business solutions, Blogging and Domaining).

Paid on commission basis an average from 100 euros to 1000 euros per month. Interns must bring their own laptops. 20 hrs per week more or less upon request, flexible timetable.

Please send your CV to [email protected]

Dpoint Group Part-time, Unpaid Requirements

Required profile for the Programming Internship: English spoken is a plus, Manage of Joombla or Drupal, Knowledge of Mobile Application Creation

Remuneration (if any): none, % of the income we may have for his programming tasks

Start date: flexible (recruitment during all the year)

Length: flexible (according to the needs of the applicant between 1 to 6 month)