Video Editingfor Holistic Health Company Internship

2918 S. Griset

Application Deadline: Closed

Quantum Integrations Description

Company Location: San Diego, CA

Application Deadline: No Deadline

Position: Internship, Unpaid, School Credit


Company Info:

Ronnie Landis Brands includes:

Holistic Health Coaching for Peak Performance, a health certification program called Holistic Health Mastery, a Podcast interviewing experts on human excellence, and a Youtube channel with health and transformational techniques.

Please review the websites below for more information:

About Ronnie:

Ronnie Landis is an integrative nutritionist, transformation coach, and human behavioral specialist. His work focuses on enhancing the human experience through natural nutrition, lifestyle design, and consciousness engineering. With well over a decade of devoted study & application to the fields of optimizing the body, mind, spirit union through combining the universal principles of you are what you think about and you are what you eat. Ronnie believes that in order to truly manifest our dreams we must first embody them in a healthy, hormonally balanced, and disease free body. After all it is excruciatingly difficult to maintain an attitude of gratitude in a pain stricken body. Ronnie seeks to share his knowledge and teachings with hundreds of thousands of people around the world through his books, podcasts, online courses, youtube TV show, events, seminars, and retreats.


This internship will mostly in San Diego and partly virtual, so an intern that is local is ideal.


The intern will receive professional skills and experience that will forward your career goals. This position is an opportunity to learn about creating content for social media and build an engaged audience. The intern will be responsible for editing video content for Youtube and websites. Work that is not confidential can be added to your professional portfolio. You will work directly with the Founder and get a behind-the-scenes view of managing the brand and editing video content aspect of a business. You will have access to a variety of health and transformational information. Also you will learn how to work in a team environment and manage the video aspect of this business. This position is also an opportunity to learn prioritizing skills. Successful interns will receive a great letter of recommendation and referrals. In addition, we will gladly help you arrange for academic credit.


This is an unpaid internship, but the experience is priceless!

Quantum Integrations 4 Part-time, Unpaid Responsibilities


You will be on a team,

Responsible for editing videos with instructed branding and marketing content. Able to edit video, add text, appropriate logos and branded content in a timely responsible manner. STRONG editing skills is a must. Must be able to splice clips, edit sound, edit color, add text, add logos and graphics. If the editor has a camera there is also potential to film and video. Assisting posting on social media and websites.

Quantum Integrations 4 Part-time, Unpaid Requirements


Ideal Candidate:

Must have great video editing skills. Must have access to video editing software. Must be able to add text, rearrange clips, add logos and graphics, edit color and sound to a professional quality.

We are looking for someone who is open to learning and has a passion for creating. Our team is supportive and positive and we are looking for someone who is interested in working in that environment. The ideal candidate is self-motivated and organized.


This internship will require access to a good quality editing system, a phone, a computer, and a camera capable of filming video (ideal although not required).


Immediately! Approximately 5-15 hours a week for 20 weeks; we are flexible and your internship is negotiable. We will work with you.

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