Podcast Production with a Twist Internship


Company Location: Indian Orchard, MA
Application Deadline: Closed

Mindful Money Description

Mindful Money and its affiliates will the launching a number of podcasts this coming summer/fall. Recordings will occur mostly in-studio, but sometimes on the go. In your first project we are creating a revolutionary, thoughtful, and intriguing dialogue about wealth, prosperity, and money and the psychology and emotional attachment to it. We will be interviewing celebrities and doing in-studio internal conversations that evolve organically and aren't scripted. You will be compiling pre-roll, post-roll, and sponsorship segments and editing the podcasts creatively while maintaining the integrity of the cause. This is a very creative process, and we're open to a creative (but professional and well-executed) take on the conversation and concept.

Mindful Money 2 Part-time, Unpaid Responsibilities

Create pre-roll and post-toll content to be used at the beginning/end of each episode, respectively.

Compile 5-10 second intro to each podcast from the podcast's most exciting segments.

Edit the podcasts for smooth conversation, the detection and elimination of tracking issues, and/or communications issues.

Upload the edited podcasts to a cloud repository.

Optionally, coordinate interviews and guest segments with the podcast host.

Mindful Money 2 Part-time, Unpaid Requirements

Audio editing, Cubase, Adobe Audition, Audio Production, Audio Mastering, Creative Storytelling, Sound engineering

Good teamwork, good team communication, excellent creative talent.

A portfolio of previous production/editing work