Online Marketing Internship

Denver, CO

Application Deadline: Closed

Net Quote. Com Description

NetQuote’s next successful intern will be a lover of math and the web who enjoys solving problems with numbers. We’ll ask you to bring your analytics skills and desire to learn how internet marketing works. Then, you’ll apply that knowledge to a hyper-competitive, fast-paced vertical where things are changing constantly.

No long, boring training classes or time cards – we need you to be self motivated and jump right in. This is the real deal. You’ll work on actual online marketing campaigns worth thousands of dollars doing things such as bid optimization, performance analysis, keyword builds and competitive research. And, along the way, we’ll want to learn from you, too – we will encourage you to wow us with your ideas. Best of all, we’ll treat you just like a team member and demand the best of you just as we do of ourselves. Where else in Denver can you find this kind of real-world, online marketing experience? Nowhere! (Okay, well, maybe you could find a couple other places but they aren’t half as cool).

• Major – Mathematics, Economics, Business (Financial Management), Statistics or Engineering
• Year in School – Junior or Senior
• GPA – Minimum 3.5
• Hours – 15-20 per week (we can be flexible around class schedule)
• Duration – 12 week minimum
• Pay rate: $10 / hour