Mobile app developer Internship

350 townsend, suite 301A

Application Deadline: Closed
Timeframe: 09/01/11 — 03/01/12

Innovalley Description

Innovalley is a San Francisco-based startup that fuses software development, wearable technologies and clothing to create smart apparel.
Our goal is to approach technology to clothing brands and help them differentiate their products.
We're looking for a highly motivated and proactive person who's eager to make most impact in an entrepreneurial environment

Innovalley Full-time, Unpaid Responsibilities

Innovalley is looking for a young talented developer to join the engineering team. The candidate will collaborati in the following tasks:
– Participating in the design, development and testing of mobile apps that wirelessly interact with hardware (sensors and actuators).
– Engaging in conversations with both existing and prospective customers – to gather ideas, turn them into requirements, and get the requirements built.
– Designing mock up concepts using tools you are already proficient with.
– Take over part of the mobile app development
– Plan testing methods and implement them

Innovalley Full-time, Unpaid Requirements

Computing level required: Advanced programming knowledge, computing systems or networks?The person selected must know at least one of the specified programmes: Eclipse, Android SDK and iOS SDK – Level: High.
The right candidate should be proficient in Java and Android. iOS and scripting languages (Perl, Python…).