Lead Generation Internship

Camarillo, CA

Application Deadline: Closed
Position: Part-time, Paid

DEX Description

At first, our interns commit to working about 20 hours per week in our lead generation organization. The lead generation interns are focused on generating leads for our global sales force. The intern will initially work in our research area and progress to lead generation and lead qualification. In the lead generation group, you will enhance your research and business development skills.

After a few months, the intern can enter into a skills based training program based upon the intern’s career interests and our assessment of your capabilities. Training programs will be in sales/marketing, finance/accounting, IT and technology and engineering. Once you have received your degree, you are eligible to be hired by the company if a suitable position exists at that time.

DEX Part-time, Paid Requirements

Student must be enrolled in a 4 year university, at least junior standing.