Greentech Internship

Brooklyn, NY

Application Deadline: Closed
Timeframe: 06/01/11 — 08/01/11

Simply Grid Inc. Description

Green Vendors Inc. is a startup that installs electric vehicle chargers that also power food trucks, thus replacing their loud polluting generators with grid electricity, while creating EV infrastructure.

Our website is outdated and in the process of being revamped to include information about our recent expansion to the west coast, but feel free to take a look for a better idea of what we do.

We are expanding into Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and looking for interns in all of those locations.

Simply Grid Inc. 2 Part-time, Paid Responsibilities

We are looking for an intern to do the following:

-Market Research
-Site analysis
-Feasibility Studies
-Miscellaneous logistical work

Simply Grid Inc. 2 Part-time, Paid Requirements

We are looking for:

-Someone who can communicate effectively in a business environment
-A problem solver that takes initiative; you will often be given general instructions and be expected to come up with specific solutions.
-Someone who can commit to at least 3 days of work a week or more. Those 3 days of will tend to be spread out over the week rather than condensed into one block.
Students will be paid a $500 stipend for the summer upon completion of the internship, depending on your performance you will receive up to a %3 stake of the company's profits in your city.

Assuming good work ethic there will be a high chance of being hired permanently upon completion of your internship.

The internship will start as soon as possible and end August 20th.
-Background in the food truck industry a plus
-Reasonable understanding of electricity and the ev-charging market a plus
-Experience dealing with permitting/ government officials a plus
-Engineering/math/science background a plus