Future Country Directors / Vertical Heads – Social Media for an India based organization Internship

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Application Deadline: Closed
Timeframe: 01/06/15 — 02/16/15

India For Transformation Description

India For Transformation (IFT) is India's first travel for transformation initiative established with the vision of revolutionizing the current standards of travel experiences in India, and in next 10 years, globally. Backed by four global pioneers, IFT delivers transformative travel programs for a variety of global audiences including individuals, private groups and corporate and academic institutions.

Our Pedigree

Unlike a typical travel organization, IFT is led by a consortium of four global pioneers from diverse domains: Eagles' Cocoon, one of India's premier leadership education organizations; Outward Bound India – Indian arm of the world's largest outdoor learning firm, Be-Artsy, India's leading art and culture organization and Magppie – a global name in the field of art and design and the only Asian organization to have won red-dot award – a rare acclamation in the world of design – thrice.

Our world of travel

It is astonishing to see how billions of atoms could bond together in perfect combinations to form a single DNA, forming the core of a human life. This is the inspiration that drives journey creation at IFT.

Each journey is designed after 200+ hours of ideation by members from eight diverse backgrounds including leadership, art & culture, travel, psychology, anthropology, spirituality, business and experience design. The end outcome includes a journey that encapsulates hundreds of tiny and big travel experiences, woven together in the perfect combination and proportion, summoned at the right time, and ultimately enjoyed with the perfect blend of people with unimaginably diverse backgrounds.

Our dream

Our life vision is to shift people from living a life that requires a refreshing travel every month to pursuing one single travel that can turn life into a refreshing journey.

As a corporate organization, IFT envisions to become one of the 10 most admired brands in the travel sector globally by Yr 2020. We further dream to have every 5th foreign traveler experience a journey of self-discovery with us or with hundreds of other organizations that we intend to inspire with our vision.

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India For Transformation 10 Part-time, Paid Responsibilities

Our intent behind this internship is twofold. Firstly, we hope to leverage your efforts in bridging the digital divide that exists currently between IFT and its global audiences. Secondly, we wish to identify young leaders in this process who will do exceptionally well and take them along in our journey of reshaping lives in our unique way.

To achieve this purpose, successful candidates will have the opportunity to work closely with the senior management at IFT and exhibit their leadership potential during the internship phase. Depending on the performance during the internship phase, select candidates will be offered appropriate leadership positions with our organization immediately afterwards.

India For Transformation 10 Part-time, Paid Requirements

We are looking for passionate individuals, who can assume the responsibility of showcasing our concepts at a global platform with their technical skills and entrepreneurial spirits. Preference would be given to individuals already associated with the field of social media marketing; however anyone who can relate to at least a few of the following traits is also encouraged to apply.

1. You don’t need Bill Gates to learn small and big things of life. You are humble enough to find learning in every situation and from every individual.

2. You have a great comfort with digital media and have been exposed to one or more of social media platforms including Facebook, email marketing, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter.

3. You can balance micro with macro. In other words, you can manage through tons of small and minor details and still see the big picture of an initiative.

4. You may have some background or interest in one or more of areas including music, arts, dance, design, theater, films, business, leadership, engineering, education, technology, social work, design, traveling, healthcare, fashion and sports

Considering our long-term intent behind this internship opportunity, we follow a rigorous selection process that includes a case study evaluation followed by personal discussion with each applicant.

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