CodeVana Summer Camp Internship

Application Deadline: Closed
Timeframe: 06/20/16 — 08/19/16

CodeVana Description

CodeVana is an emerging startup in the Pacific Northwest that is bringing the joy of programming to youth. We are a team of industry professionals that are interested in giving back to the community and are building a platform to democratize computer science.

The intern will be a key part of the team and will help in building the curriculum for the summer, teaching and work with us on developing our platform and launching various initiatives in the summer.

CodeVana 2 Full-time, Paid Responsibilities

> CodeVana Web Site Development and Maintainance

> Software Development for Code Vana Projects

> Development of Curriculum for School Students

> Delivery of Summer Camps

CodeVana 2 Full-time, Paid Requirements

Must be pursuing a Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science or Computer Engineering

Comfortable with Web Technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Open Source Development and a github profile

Interested in education and mentoring