Border Stylo Engineering Internship

Hollywood, CA

Application Deadline: Closed

Border Stylo Description

Border Stylo is looking for Graduate-student Engineering Interns!

Engineering Interns will gain valuable experience by working on our flagship product, Glass. Interns will work directly with Sr. Engineers, while interfacing with VPs on a regular basis. This is a great opportunity to work within a group of passionate developers on new problems, while contributing to the making of a product. Interns will get the chance to work with different teams within the Engineering Department. Engineering Interns will have the opportunity for their work to be displayed to both the Border Stylo team and the Glass user base.

If interested, please submit your resume to [email protected]

Border Stylo 5 Part-time, Paid (College Credit Required) Responsibilities

– Writing code that meets specifications.
– Developing software applications and tools.
– Implementing activities that generally impact discrete components / processes of the work of own unit / team / projects.
– Effectively resolving problems and roadblocks as they occur.
– Receiving work in the form of short-term assignments that often require the application of independent judgment. Work is subject to regular supervisory review at regular intervals.
– Operating within the context of approved methods.

Border Stylo 5 Part-time, Paid (College Credit Required) Requirements

– Demonstrate proficiency in several areas of Web-based application development.
– Have working knowledge of programming languages important to the organization and C, C++, or Java; knowledgeable about Linux-based systems
– Familiarity with at least one “dynamic language,” such as Ruby or Python.
– Knowledge in web technologies, including HTTP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
– The ideal candidate will also have server-side knowledge of a language such as Ruby, Erlang, or Python, in combination with skills in C/C++ or Java.
– Technically candidates should have knowledge of client-side Web technologies, including Ajax, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, across all major browser platforms.
– Experience working with working with relational databases (ex: Postgres, MySQL), document databases (ex: CouchDB) or distributed hash-based solutions (ex: MongoDB, Cassandra, Tokyo Cabinet) is helpful.