Beauty Editors assistant Internship


Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Closed

FV MAGAZINE Description

FV magazine endeavors to showcase the work of some of the world's best artisans and emerging photographers , stylists , writers to create a forum that inspires the passionate, about the beauty of pop culture to devour and contribute to its dialogue.

FV is a composite of the visual, textual and technological elements that define a great periodical. Our pages present a rich content on celebrity interviews, high profile models and the creative icons of our time, interspersed with exclusive features and smart, seductive editorial stories.

With offices in NY , PARIS& RIO , FV has always exercised the task of featuring exclusive interviews with pop culture's and the music industry trendsetters in terms of sound , image and statement.

Published 4 times a year[+ 2 FV Men issue ] , it is rapidly establishing a high reputation for its cutting edge interviews ,constant original concepts and visuals.

FV Magazine focuses on the trendsetters in the fields of High Fashion, Beauty, Arts/culture and music. It examines the “life well lived” by those that inspire and not only brings their experiences to the reader, but uses technology to take the viewer even further into those worlds blending literature , philosophy , architecture , travel to create an original content .

To keep every issue on the cutting edge , FV is in constantly developing affiliations with Top Fashion & trends media outlets , blogs , podcasts , prints press and websites .

FV MAGAZINE 2 Part-time, Unpaid Responsibilities

You will be working within a team of experienced Fashion and Beauty Editors .

Your duties will include |

*Assisting in building a project database

*Media relations

*Develop detailed marketing plans

*Interact with clients

*Develop a strong understanding of company’s products and services

*Sell to current customers and prospect for new business

*Coordinate with internal departments to respond quickly to customer needs, requests and problems

*Perform market research through interviews, focus groups and surveys

*Assist in various duties as needed

*Contact PR houses

Successful applicants will be contacted and we will discuss your role further

FV MAGAZINE 2 Part-time, Unpaid Requirements

As part of our Fashion or Beauty Department , you must have |

You will be working with one of the most famous makeup artist in the world so you must have :

*Experience ( already worked at a PR firm or publication )


*Attention to detail

*Computer Literacy skills

*Strong confident written and verbal communication.


*Have audience understanding


* photoshop and indesign skills