Social Media & Community Management Internship


Company Location: Miami, FL
Application Deadline: Closed
Timeframe: 06/01/17 — 01/01/18

CoFit Description

CoFit is a fitness platform that provides easy access to fitness activities and trainers around you. This platform makes it easy for you to find a personal trainer or pro, connect with them, and then book them. This position consists of helping our CoFit Team with social media presence. This position will work with the COO to further build the face and brand of CoFit.

CoFit 3 Part-time, Unpaid Responsibilities

– Utilizes social media to engage with a community of fans/followers online

– Coordinates online marketing and advertising campaigns

– Collaborates with internal departments on projects and assignments

– Demonstrates interest in social media and how media and communication strategies can continuously engage the online community

CoFit 3 Part-time, Unpaid Requirements

– Provide links to 1-3 social networking profiles to demonstrate interest and knowledge

– Possesses skills in writing, presentation, interpersonal relations, and customer management

– Performs well in environment that values creativity, flexibility, and variety

– Exhibits personal qualities, such as open-mindedness, enthusiasm, and adaptability

– Prefers challenges, fast pace, new ideas, future focus, and unstructured environment

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