Lead Generation s Internship


Company Location: London, KY
Application Deadline: Closed

Skylink Research Description

Skylink Research is a trading name for Metrocorp Global UK.

More details

This is so far the easiest job for anyone who would like to earn a passive income at the comfort of their home, hostel or anywhere. We are looking for individuals to work from home, promoting our offers and coupons while making money from it.

The incumbents will be required to use their Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter, Reddit, your blog, or any other platform for marketing. The objective of the game is to get your coupon code out there to as many people as possible who might need our services. If you blog, tweet, or post on Reddit about our service or make a short video, that content will stay on the Internet year after year and you can continue to get commissions when new customers use the coupon code.

Example of how you might promote a coupon code: “Are you a busy professional taking college classes? I know the guy who owns [Name of Website]. He gave me this coupon worth ?50, and anyone can use it.”

We're choosing one marketing person from each major city in the UK and USA, and we'll give you a large commission for each new customer you send. You get 20% of what each new customer spends on their first several orders, up to a total of ?200 per customer. Most people order more than one time.

Again, a powerful method for people who are bilingual multilingual: Also, if you know social media websites preferred by people who speak a language other than English, you can translate our advertisements and expose it to a new market.

After you earn a few commissions, it might be easy and fun to learn more about our writing service and how it can help people. You'll be part of the online writing industry, helping people solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Our company helps all types of clients, including international students struggling with language barriers, busy professionals who can't balance their coursework with their jobs and their families, privileged rich people who can afford to hire writers every time they need essays or papers written.

Skylink Research 20 Part-time, Paid Responsibilities

All you require is the ability to use/do the following:

Posting craigslist ads

Talking about us on Reddit.

Making videos and podcasts

Telling your Facebook friends

Asking other people to share the coupon code

Skylink Research 20 Part-time, Paid Requirements

High online presence. Get paid highly for spending a few hours on your favorite social media platform.

Get advantage of your friends as you help them achieve their educational goals.

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