Finance Internship

225 Santa Monica Blvd

Application Deadline: December 9, 2017

Hylink Description

Hylink is China’s largest independent digital communications and media firm. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Beijing, China, we have 18 offices located in China, Seoul, and Los Angeles.

As a Finance Intern, you will be responsible for a full spectrum of Finance activities. you will support Hylink with project related tasks and financial management. You will collaborate with various departments to ensure there is financial weekly reports and organized financial audits. You will also be monitoring budgets, resources, and financial forecasts.

Reporting directly to Finance Manager, you will learn both the skills necessary to succeed in operation management. Your organizational skill combined with your analytical abilities will help to monitor and coordinate financial transactions. You will be involved in a fast-paced, multi-task oriented team. You will be responsible for providing financial ledgers, reports, budgets, forecasting, auditing, and management acumen. The areas of project reports also fall within the preparation of audit requirements, supporting in the preparation of statistical reports and to ensure that they are standardized. Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Hylink Part-time, Unpaid Responsibilities

– Compiles and sort documents such as invoices and checks, substantiating business transactions

– Help monitor and reconcile banking statements.

– Prepares vouchers, invoices, checks, account statements, reports and other records and reviews them for accuracy.

– Help Monitors loans and accounts payable and receivable to ensure that payments are up to date.

Hylink Part-time, Unpaid Requirements

– Currently enrolled in a Business or Finance related program (Bachelor’s, Associate’s, Master’s Degree).

– Experience in Finance or a related role.

– Solid Finance general knowledge with demonstration towards an understanding of all aspects of budgets, auditing

reports, financial forecasts.

– Strong verbal and written communication skills

– Well Organized with high-proficiency on Microsoft Project, Excel and Word

– Ability to think, plan and execute on multiple projects simultaneously in an organized fashion.

– Demonstrated the ability to work calmly and maintain good judgment in a fast-paced and high-stress environment.

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