The logical conclusion of the internship in the workplace is the trainee’s report, which describes in detail the work done and the results achieved. The sample of internship report can be offered to an intern in the organization where he worked, although it is possible that the student will be obliged to write his record independently. However, in any case, the guidelines suggested in this article can be useful for summary writing.  

What Rules Should Be Followed in the Process of Writing a Report?

If at the enterprise where the person passes the internship, the preparation of such a record is a common practice, there, most likely, the relevant local acts concerning traineeship rules, as well as samples of documents related to its passage, including the sample report are approved. In this case, the trainee will need to read the rules and simply write a record in conformity with the examples.  

Trainees that make up the report on their own should know that the following chapters should be included in it.

Introduction. Here you need to specify:

  • characteristics of the place of training;
  • job duties that the trainee had to perform;
  • purpose of the internship.

Body paragraph. This section briefly describes the internship (what professional activities were planned, in what time frame they were implemented) and its results.

Findings. This part is used to write conclusions on internships and recommendations for optimizing the performance of the company.

Why Is It Necessary to Write a Traineeship Record?

Internship means that the work process includes learning elements. A former student who does not yet have work experience can not immediately cope with the tasks assigned to him by the employer, but if he has a curator who will explain how to apply knowledge obtained in the course of training, everything is greatly simplified. This situation applies to workers who are transferred to a new workplace, which requires slightly different skills than in the previous work.

At the same time, the trainee is faced with the task as soon as possible to deal with labor duties, to master the rules and algorithms of work and to start independent work. Usually after the internship, an examination is supposed, during which the trainee proves that he has learned the lessons, and submits a report on the internship. For the employer, the traineeship record can serve as a basis for evaluation of the trainee’s work in the enterprise. In addition, it can contain valuable advice for management to improve the production process or its peculiar components.

Internship Report Format

Any enterprise can form its own form for the report of trainees, which will meet the necessary requirements for candidates. At the same time, different norms can be established by the executive. As a report, a special document can be developed in the form of a test, where it is necessary to answer questions, or a peculiar plan has been created, where the trainee only comments on the stages of the work done. Subsequently, the management draws up a review of the candidate and approval of his position.

Regardless of the form of the trainee’s report, it carries important information about the employee’s compliance with the place occupied.  On the basis of such a document, it is possible to determine whether a person is attentive, competent, whether at the right time he can get out of a difficult situation, solve the current problem and whether cooperation with him will be fruitful.