A thank-you letter is a paper that includes words of gratitude expressed to a particular person or organization for some reason. An example is a gratitude for professionalism, the quality of the services provided, excellent study, etc. It’s not difficult to find an excuse to write it. This conveyance is considered a sign of good form in any organization or business community. With its help, you can express respect and gratitude to your colleagues, sponsors, customers or investors. A letter of thanks can be an independent conveyance or a response to initiative (congratulation, an invitation). And now we will discover how to write a thank note after finishing an internship.

Usually, there are no special requisitions for the design and structure of writing a letter of appreciation – it is acceptable to compose it in an arbitrary form. Despite this, it is still a business conveyance. There are some canons and wishes for the structure of the sample. The design and composition has a clear sequence. Observing it, you will be able to preserve the structure and logic of the narrative, and convey your message to the addressee.

  • Direct reference. The surname and name of the person to whom the letter or the name of the organization is devoted are entered. For example, Dear Supervisor…If you want to express gratitude to your team, then the appeal “Dear Colleagues!” is perfect. A note can be sent in respect of the whole company, its director, team or specific employee. Due to individualization, you can select a certain employee and thank him for his professionalism, achievements, and discoveries.
  • The main part is the words of gratitude. Concretize the gratitude, stop on the details, which were especially successful for the allottee of the letter of thanks. It is this part that makes this conveyance so valuable and individual. The allottee will feel sincere attention from the sender; feel his contribution to the development of a common cause or a separate sphere.
  • Write wishes to the allottee for the future. A thank note is a conveyance with a positive message. Try to predict the course of events, look into the future and wish some pleasant words to the addressee.
  • Signature. The name and position of the person expressing gratitude are indicated in the lower left corner, and his signature is put.
  • The last step is the correction of the conveyance.

What Should You Avoid in a Letter of Thanks?

  • Familiarity. A thank note is primarily a business conveyance. Appeals and style of it must be adequately maintained.
  • Excessive detail, the use of statistics or numbers for clarity. In order to say “Thank you,” it is not necessary to resort to these methods – they make the note more cumbersome and difficult to perceive.
  • Mention of errors that arose in the process of cooperation. A thank letter should only include the best that the joint work with the allottee of the message brought.

Grammatical, punctuation and stylistic errors.