Many students wonder how to find a worthy internship for summer? It’s no secret that internships are a direct source of the experience that employers require in the future from university graduates. In our time, when everyone aspires to find his place, getting a suitable interning program is doubly hard, especially considering that many of them are not advertised openly. Some enterprises prefer “word of mouth,” so they never engage in self-promotion, while others simply do not find time for independent selection of candidates. So how to get these internships? For this, you are offered several options.

Communicate to Find an Internship

It seems unfair that many potential trainees are deprived of the opportunity to express themselves because of the “shade” of most vacancies, but, like in personal development, everything depends on you. To begin with, try to ask people around you, for example, friends, family, and teachers at college. Tell them about your plans for the summer, share that you are looking for an internship. Clearly, indicate what you can offer to a potential employer and what kind of activity might suit your interests and provide you with the necessary skills.

Send Your CV

Sending resumes to different companies may seem useless, but do not lose hope – there are still companies that can offer a really interesting job but prefer not to advertise this fact publicly.

First of all, you need to select specialized sites for posting resumes, such as LinkedIn, where you can find a suitable crew or potential employers interested in your candidacy. Usually, candidates are searched by ordinary managers, HR-managers and project managers, who may also need additional staff in your person on a short-term basis. In order to interest potential employers, your application should, in an accessible language, answer all questions, like what opportunities you are interested in and what skills you possess. Your second task in finding an internship is to add a cover letter and try to make it convincing. For example, try to share in your letter a story about how you could help the crew during your internship.

Ask Your Friends to Recommend You

For a resume, it can be a huge plus that you already have a professional direction in this business from someone from the same sphere. In this case, indicate the link to this person. If you are just starting to look for such a “person,” start with your current contacts – do you already know someone who could provide you with worthy recommendations? If not, you can use the same LinkedIn to find people to support your resume, call them and ask for this modest service. Explain your interest and ask if this person allows you to mention your conversation in the attachment to the cover letter.

Find the Problem and Fix It

You can increase your chances for a long-awaited internship in the following way: describe the problems that, in your opinion, exist in the activities of the crew that interested you (for example, the wrong target audience) and suggest a way to solve them. This is easier if you have already established yourself as an expert on the blog, where you can post your ideas and routes for their implementation. In any case, create a whole document where your thinking would be explained. Or, in the end, write a short report with a statement of thoughts, and then publish on social networks. Anyway, contact business representatives and share your suggestions. Use all media resources to reach the relevant persons. They can easily ignore your resume, but the advantages for their crew will be of interest to them.

Use Creative Approach

Still dreaming of getting into an internship, but any attempts fail? There are several inspirational stories from the lives of people who were not afraid to take decisive measures in finding the desired job. For example, rent a billboard and place on it the offer of your services. Draw the posters; send a mug of coffee to the chosen employer with a request to accept it in exchange for a meeting. Print your resume on the pizza box and take it to the office, to become an employee of which you aspire. All these ideas seem very risky, but, taking them into service, you can not only get on internship but also create something bright and recognizable. Even in the opposite case, you will have another interesting story that you can tell your friends.

However, if all these outlandish methods do not appeal to you, then just make sure that you are doing everything to achieve your cherished dream. Do not be afraid of the reaction of society and do not set yourself an unnecessary framework – you can even try yourself in a volunteer service or open your own business during the summer holidays.

Get any skills by any available means. Do everything for your own development now, and in the future, you will not have to regret it.