The concept of “cover letter” recently entered into everyday life in connection with the development of Internet technologies. Usually, these are short letters that contain additional information for the allottee.

Cover letters are read before the analysis of the resume itself, therefore they play a major role in the interpretation and perception of subsequent information.  The note should necessarily be compiled correctly, then it will create a positive impression of employer and distract from critical perception. An unsuccessful note is an excuse to send even an ideal summary to the trash: 36% of HR managers admitted that they refused candidates because of incorrect cover letters. In the case of purporting for an internship, this becomes especially relevant.

The practice of writing cover letters is more common amid senior and middle managers. At these positions, the note requires a fundamentally different quality of execution. But it is also impossible to get an internship without it. Let’s look at the main features of successful samples.

Strict Structure

  • Greeting. The greeting should be either personalized or refer to specialists of a particular department if the name of the allottee is not known.
  • The main part. Tell which position you are purporting for if you send a resume to the work mail of the employer. Explain what attracted you to this vacancy: an interesting product, new features or complex tasks. From motivation, go smoothly to the experience and the list of projects that are not described in the summary, but useful for this vacancy if any.
  • Farewell (“Best regards,” “Sincerely”) and duplicated contact details.

It is important to realize that all the items are the established templates created by successful candidates for many years of practice. They are standard, obvious, already are etiquette when communicating through cover letters, should not exceed one or two sentences and are written strictly from the new paragraph with indent. Realize that the cover note should be read in 10 seconds. Try to write a small but informative and useful note with only qualitative information.

Business Style

The covering note on style should correspond to the branch of the crew and corporate culture. For most engineering, medical, banking, consulting and other employers, the mature business style described above is suitable. It is completely suitable for 95% of the vacancies posted on the Internet and for purporting for the internship. It is characterized by the easiest and informative form of the letter: a simple structure, terminology, the absence of cumbersome subordinate and complex sentences. The remaining 5% (Hi-tech, creative, IT start-ups, private and small companies with niche products) allow more free and emotional treatment.


A common mistake, instantly killing the interest of the reader is the template letters. If for you this application for an internship is so typical that you copy your letter, then for the allottee you become a typical candidate. Do not duplicate in the cover note your experience in other words. No one will want to spend too much time reading the same information twice.

Creativity in the note and humor are appropriate if only the crew in question is included in the small percentage of employers for whom originality and humor are part of the professional activity and corresponds to the internal corporate culture.

So, what is the secret of successful cover letters? They are structured, small in volume, but extremely capacious, stylized as a crew culture and do not contain errors. And the most important thing is that such cover letters focus on the interests of the company, and not on the personal interest of the candidate. Show that you know what the crew needs and how to help it.