Advertising and Marketing Internships Description

Advertising and marketing internships not only help you to learn the traditional and online marketing techniques, but also provide you with a chance to get a high paying job.  They help you acquire a range of skills, including the art of storytelling, communication skills, creating attractive copy and organizing creative marketing campaigns. Advertising and marketing internships can help you land a job in almost any industry. Companies are always looking for marketing professionals to help increase their sales or brand awareness. You can find both summer internships and semester-long internships in marketing.

Companies with Advertising and Marketing Internships

  • P&G Proctor and Gamble (P&G) offers advertising and marketing internship programs to bachelors or masters degree students. Your specific school major is not as important as in other fields. The program allows you to learn how to build brand and how to take branding and marketing to a new level. As an intern, you need to work in a team, develop marketing plans after identifying specific marketing tactics and gain insights into consumer, shopper and customer behaviors.
  • San Disk San Disk offers field marketing internships to self driven, motivated students. You will be given training on the products offered. Once you complete the training, you will have extensive knowledge on electronic goods and the key role of San Disk in the industry.  Field marketing internships require you to visit reputable stores like Wal-mart, Walgreens, Best Buy, Office Depot and Photo specialty stores to build rapport with the store manager and sales people. You will need to cross train sales team to demonstrate the benefits of using SanDisk products. The internship program requires you to work for 40 hours a week throughout summer, from June to August. You may also be provided with an opportunity to pursue part-time internships once school starts up in the fall.
  • Nike Nike provides sports marketing internship programs that last for 12 weeks. The paid internships give you perks, which includes access to Nike’s world class athletic facilities, discounts at Nike stores and a number of other benefits.
  • Insight Research Associates Insight Research Associates offer advertising and marketing internships, which help you get an opportunity to gain hands on experience by working on various projects, from the beginning to end.
  • BBDO  they are a worldwide leader in marketing with many locations. Learn more about BBDO internships.

Benefits of Advertising and Marketing Internships

Advertising and marketing internships provide you with an opportunity to learn through experimenting on the job. You can develop professional marketing skills and knowledge, which would help you pursue a career in the high-paying marketing field. Good marketing internship programs let you assist in a wide range of tasks within the company. This allows the employer to ensure whether you have the potential to work as a full-time employee, while you gain a better understanding of the business. Marketing internships teaches you to balance multiple tasks that are common in the industry. You gain a better understanding of the responsibilities that marketing entails. Advertising and marketing internship also enables you to develop your creativity, which will be useful in a wide range of fields. It builds various job skills, including communication, teamwork and leadership. All of these skills are essential in building a successful career in marketing.

Salary of Advertising and Marketing Internships

Marketing interns typically earn around $30,000 in a year. This depends on the company, location and the duration of the internship. You can expect to earn anywhere from the minimum wage in your area to $10-15 an hour.

For more details on openings in your area, check out the current listings on Marketing Internships Listing.

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By Diane Barlow